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My Site
My Site
Products & Services        
  • Call Center Service
  • Training Programs
  • IT Services
  • Software & Web Development
  • Tele Sales & Marketing
  • Information Center
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Call Center Service    
‘TechnoWorldBD’ is an International Call Center; serving our UK based clients ‘Outsourced Business Process’ with well reputation since 2014 till today. We are currently providing service to our clients 365 days a year as per client’s requirements. Our agents are multi lingual as English is their primary language including Bengali and Hindi. We facilities additional training to uphold the quality and assurance of the services we provide. To assure to achieve the targets our management is highly involved with the whole process, which also provide us the best of the best service and the quality assurance. Also management ensures day to day based monitoring, even though the targets are met. We are keen to asses every aspect of our cost in a realistic and effective way so that at the end both parties are benefited from it. To motivate the agents and to get the most output from the team we maintain very high standard of working environment.  
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Business Authorization

‘TechnoWorldBD’ obtained Call Center licensing certificate from ‘Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC)’ and also got the IT Enable Service (ITES) business license from ‘Dhaka South City Corporation’.
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Call Center Offered Services

  • Call Center Service (Local and International)
  • Inbound & Outbound Services.
  • IVR Service.
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  Call Center Facilities  
  • IP Bandwidth (Voice) connectivity (100% dedicated full duplex)
  • 24 hours power backup.
  • Live stream monitoring.
  • Call Center Training. " Online reporting.
  • Assigned supervisor for individual client.
  • Run time quality check and control.
  • Product training.
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Training Programs  
  • AMADEUS (Online Airlines Ticket Reservation System)
  • MS Office Application Suite.
  • Graphic Design.
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IT Services  
  • Cloud service and installation.
  • Office network planning and installation.
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Software & Web Development  
  • Domain & Hosting service.
  • Software Development.
  • Static and Dynamic Website Development.
  • App development.
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Tele Sales & Marketing  
  • Outbound Tele Sales.
  • Outbound Tele Marketing.
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Information Center  
  • Data/Information collection from field.
  • Cross sale information.
  • Proposition for Business Sales & Marketing.
  • Email and SMS marketing.
  • Facebooking.
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