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Company Overview Why Outsourcing in Bangladesh?
‘TechnoWorldBD’ based on IT Enabled Services (ITES) that includes Call Center Service for both local and International, e-Commerce, Software Development, Business Process Service, IT Services; Oversees Training etc. We combined technology experts along with offshore liaison from UK, Denmark, Italy, Australia and China. We are producing effective solutions to ensure maximum value for product/services maintaining quality and cost effectiveness. We are covering large and small industries. Creating unique and smart ideas we are trying to accommodate different business process. Best benefit we can provide is low cost budget and 24/7 service round the year. Our organized back office support and strong communication helps our client to feel more attached and transparent. Customer satisfaction is the key feature for an organization. Organized ‘Customer Service Outsourcing’ helps to maintain, uphold and measure organizational performance. For this reason in dynamic industry better customer service is considered as first priority. Fastest growing companies never compromise with ‘Customer Service Quality’ as this is one of the most important features to differentiate them from other company. Now a day’s Bangladesh is performing very well due to high skilled manpower with low budget. Bangladesh Govt. initiated and launched huge projects to build ‘Digital Bangladesh’. Those projects are helping us to expand and develop our business. Low cost internet facility along with external liaises making this industry rich. Facebook, YouTube, Smart Phone and other information source are full of materials to get self trained. Also massive training facilities cater by Govt. and private sector growing this industry rapidly. Cost effective operational budget, low cost high speed internet, available skilled man power, technical facilities, hassle free employment, real-time communication, quality service assurance, risk free transaction made BPO much popular towards outer world. So considering every aspect of business benefit Bangladesh is the best potential market.
Outsourcing Benefits  
  • More accessible & visible towards customer.
  • Skilled man power availability.
  • Low cost high speed internet.
  • Less employee recruitment hassle.
  • No staff responsibilities.
  • 24/7 and round the year service.
  • No hardware and accommodation require.
  • Real-time monitoring facility.
  • Less management involvement.
  • Increased productivity and business growth.
  • More visibility within workgroup.
  • Overall cost minimizes.
Our Products & Services  
  • Call Center Service.
  • Training Programs.
  • IT Services.
  • Software & Web Development.
  • Tele Sales & Marketing.
  • Information Center.
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